Being Single & Unashamed

This statement is initially clever and cute. It is also close to being borderline ignorance (Shirt slogan) that can serve as an unnecessary defense mechanism for those that somehow think that being "single" is something to be ashamed of - It's not! Parts of the culture in general have stigmatized this status and in response single people treat singleness as a rare disease.   

I get it, having this kind of statement (Shirt slogan) at one's disposal seems to ease the familial, cultural, and self-imposed pressures. But, to be honest it only makes the person seem out of touch with reality and God's perfect plan when they suggest that a proper relationship with the Lord is a substitute for marriage. If you are single, you are blessed in a different way. Every believer, married, single, or engaged should have a relationship with Jesus. Your relationship with Jesus is not and should not be a substitute for an intimate relationship with the person that you are destined to be with, the person that will compliment the blessings that is your life.   

Beloved, there is no need to defend your singleness. "Being Single and Unashamed" represents a state and an attitude. The state is the relationship status and the attitude is how you respond to that status - it should always be positive and humble. Family and friends will sometimes push the envelope on inquiring about your relationship status. However, never react with negative attitudes or declarations that are filled with pride, resentment, or shame. Unwise words can distract you and worse they can create unwanted delays. You are blessed - act like it, walk like it, talk like it! Don't rush it! Don't deny or despise your singleness, you are in the waiting and The Lord is perfecting you for your divine destiny.  

God's plans are perfect. Don't waste time defending your status, spend it in preparing to be the wife or husband that God is calling you to be. Embrace this season and draw closer to the Lord. Let Him sharpen you, shape you, and pull you out of your comfort zone; outside of that place of comfort is where the Man or Woman of your dreams awaits.   

"God's plans are higher than our plans and His ways Higher than ours" (paraphrased).

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