"Social Media - La Comay de esta hora"

When the Pharisees and Teachers of the Law brought the adulterous woman to Jesus to be condemned, our Lord did not react as they expected. He stooped down, almost as a gesture to accompany this woman in her moment of shame, and He wrote on the ground. What Jesus wrote is open to much speculation, but when He spoke there is no equivocation on what He meant. Jesus turned His attention to those accusers and invited the one without sin to cast the first stone (see John 8:1-11).

*** "El hecho de mi problema sea publico
No quiere decir que fallando soy el unico Si la diferencia entre tu y yo es que mis cosas las riega la Comay y las tuyas no. .. Pero el que este libre de pecado que me zumbe el primer peñon" El Filósofo ***

It is the product of sinful human nature that those accusers were seeking to boost themselves up at the expense of this woman's failure. But Jesus was not fooled, our Lord knew about their internal and hidden sin. He knew about the adultery and murder in their hearts, about their drunkenness and hidden addictions, and about their lust and dishonest lips.

Sadly, in the hour that we live in, social media can sometimes be the platform for condemnation and negative commentary are the stones that are being used. It is becoming a common place where jeering and gloating over another person's shortcoming is acceptable. But the words of Jesus are fitting even here, "he that is without sin cast the first stone," In a radical way that only The Lord can produce, He gave both the accused and the accusers a way out. His invitation to self examine their own lives before condemning the accused helped them realize that their sins were no different from this woman's. This caused them to drop their stones and turn away from their desire to see her punished. Her sin was ugly, but not unforgivable. Jesus displays His enduring Mercy and everlasting Grace when He turns to this woman and says, "neither do I (condemn you), go and sin no more."
Let me encourage you. Let no one condemn you. If you have missed the mark, bow your head before the Father in Heaven and ask for forgiveness. Let the conviction of the Holy Spirit lead and transform you, but never let another person condemn you. God's Love for you will not fade away at your error and it cannot be undone by stone throwers. Keep your head up, go and sin no more.

"But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8

Translation of Spanish quote: "The fact that my issues are public does not mean that I'm the only one (falling short), the difference between you and me is that my issues are announced by the Comay (Hispanic Gossip TV host) and yours are not ... But the one who is free of sin let them cast the first stone at me" The Philosopher 

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